Captain Decker

A soldiers soldier, lover of women, and realist with an attitude.


A tall solid man with commanding blue eyes. Fond of strong drink and loose women and associating with men under his command, Decker often finds himself ridiculed as one of the worse Captains in the Red Irons Mercenary Company.

He has short cut black hair and is often seen wearing an anatomically correct blackened breast plate with a magnificent red cloak with gold trim. As a more “hands-on” commander he has tossed aside the traditional swagger sticks carried by other officers in the Red Irons. Most commonly he wears whatever weapon seems most appropriate to the mission at hand.


Captain Mark Antony Decker has earned every honor and rank bestowed to him by the Red Irons with blood, sweet, and more blood. Many in the Red Irons despise Decker because they believe many of his honors and promotions were due to has Uncle who is one of the High Generals of the Red Irons.

Decker is looking to make a name for himself and has been given “permission” from the Red Irons to prove himself by establishing a new base of operations in the mountains to the west of Kirkwall. While Decker knows this is just a political move to get him out of the picture – maybe even killed while assaulting the keep – there is something else that only he knows which is driving his ambitions to take the keep.

Captain Decker

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