A beef-cake of a soldier who intimidates people with his large size and gruff demeanor.


Otho is the embodiment of a mean spirited pillager who is ready to kill on command … and without command. He does seem to cling to some twisted idea of a warriors code, preferring to pummel in a man, or woman’s, face before he escalates to violence with weapons.

He is large, muscle-bound, and visually intimidating. In battle he wears armor made to intimidate his foes. When not in battle he wears clothing that is similar to that of a viking. He is deadly with a longsword or greatsword, but since breaking his last greatsword cleaving a horse in half he has been especially picky in purchasing another.


Otho is the bastard son of a whore from Kirkwall. He grew up in the streets of Kirkwall and was a feared street tough. He was eventually noticed by a Red Irons recruiter and offered a large sum of money for a suicide mission. After slaughtering everyone in that fated warehouse he was hired on as a shock troop for the Red Irons and has been breaking heads ever since.

He frequents The Hanged Man and is often seen in The Blooming Rose as well. He aspires to one day settle down and run a tavern, but he doesn’t really think he will survive that long


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