Jarlen Crandum

Apostate Mage


Jarlen is an easy going laid back guy. He likes going on missions just as much as going to a bar. He may not smile much, but he’s never been caught scowling either.

Jarlen stands about 5’ 10", has green eyes and shoulder length sandy blonde hair.


My name is Jarlen Crandum and this is my story thus far.

Born a bastard to a nobleman from Kirkwall and a whore I was doomed from the start. Add on top of that my gift, or curse depending on how you look at it, and you get a child that few would want, least of all a whore or a nobleman. From what my foster parents told me they found me in a dung heap crying and flailing my little arms and legs about. Yep, I was off to a good start.

They raised me until I drew too much attention from the Templars by accidentally lighting a house on fire. They then took me to some relatives out in the Free Marches to be raised. There I lived a happy life. They cared for me as if I was one of their own. Then one fateful night they came. More than I could count, darkspawn fell upon our peaceful community. Men took up arms, and women tended the children but all knew it was too little, too late. I did my best to use my gift to fight off the attackers, but that too was not enough. I grew more, and more desperate picking up any weapon I could and casting all that I knew to fight the dark ones. Then I blacked out. When I came too it looked like I stood in the middle of a giant explosion. All around me were dead humans and darkspawn. Nothing moved. It was still dark and fires still fed so I knew not much time had passed. I knew I could not stay here. This would surely be bad for me if I were found here. I found my second foster family and uttered a prayer that Andraste and the Maker take them and watch over them. Then I fled.

Two days later I came upon a group of mercenaries fighting off another group of darkspawn. I hesitated not wanting to have a repeat of two nights ago, but in the end my hatred for the dark things over came me and I joined the battle. They say they survived that day because of me. They said they were from the Red Irons Mercenary Company and their Captain offered to hire me. As I needed food and water badly I accepted.

I know not what happened that night when I blacked out, but I constantly think about it and have vowed to never lose control of myself again.

Jarlen Crandum

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