Kessel Ulrich

Level 5 Human warrior, wears heavy armor and prefers a warpike.


Kessel Ulrich Was born in a farming village in Anderfels. The farming is poor however and men in the village, like many other villages during the summer and sometimes winter would hire themselves out to various mercenary companies and levies to supplement their meager income. Kessel’s particular specialty was that of the enormous pike. Coupled with his fierce strength made Kessel a formidable foe. The mercenary lifestyle suited Kessel much more than farming did however, and after one summer campaign decided not to head back to dreary farming and headed south to find better paying work.

Orlesien nobles tended to pay a lot better but work was not as steady and held disdain for the mercenary. It didn’t take long before Kessel head east to try his luck in the Free Marches. Almost a year ago Kessel ended up with the Red Irons.

Kessel is a practical man and a mercenary and while not completely selfish does tend to look out for number one. No one else will.

Kessel Ulrich

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