Red Irons Mercenary Company

General Info

The Red Irons Mercenary Company has been operating in Kirkwall for at least 3 generations acting at times as the city guard and at other times an army to defend Kirkwall from threats both from above and below.

Traditionally the Red Irons have been a loose confederation of war lords who cooperated out of necessity. However, they have transformed themselves into something more resembling a proper army within the last 30 years.

Ranks and Structure

Knight-Captain Generals – Council that runs the Red Irons
Knight-Captain – any number of Captains … the more Captains you control the more influence you have.
Captain – 50 men (5 Sergeants, 1 Banner-man, 44 Grunts)
Sergeant – 10 men (9 grunts plus himself)
Banner-man – One of the grunts in a squad

Red Irons Mercenary Company

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